Pirtand,Madhuban,Dumri, Giridih, Jharkhand(825329)

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Parasnath Hill

Parasnath Hill arasnath hill which is approx 4431 feet height is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas. It is located at the latitude of 23 degree,9 minutes North and longitude of 86 degree , 3 minutes East. It was made accessible since the construction of a road in 1838. Significantly the oldest of the Jain temple appears to date from AD. 1775.

The famous Parasnath hill is the highest peak of Jharkhand having altitude of 4431 feet above the sea-level. Giridih District was carved out from Hazaribagh District on 4th December, 1972. Parasnath is the "Marang Buru "or hill deity of the Santhal of Hazaribagh, Manbhum, Bankura and Santhal Parganas Since Parasnath has been declared as a wild life sanctuary District administration and Forest official are trying to persuade the local tribe to give up their religious hunt.

For pilgrimes here is a epic Jinalaya to worship. In depth of the double stair main temple statue of supreme Arihant is situated. All around this temple 20 more statues and statues of God and Goddess gives a marvellous look and lusture to the site. On the upper stair the statue of bhagwan Parswanath with few God and Goddess are situated. On the east of this temple Madhuchampa Snatra Mandap in which four chapel for pilgrimes to worship is facilitated. On these chapel Statue of Bhomiya Jee, Shree Ghantakaran, Mahavir Mahalaxmi devi and Guru Bhagwant is situated.