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Facilities of Dock, Doli & Guide

The desire for darshan of Shammed Sikhar rises is in the heart of every Jain, but the desire not completed until God not call them. TheGreat Tirtha starts by reaching guest house at Madhuban to the way to Mountain. Whole yatra is of 27 kilometre. This yatra is full of deficulties. Physiologically capable pilgrimes can only coplete their destiny to this Yatra. To complete the desire for the yatra by physiologically incapable pilgrimes different facilities of Dock Or Doli os available here. The result whatever physiologically capable pilgrimes get is same to the destiny traveled by the physiologically uncapable pilgrimes using dock or doli.Hence, physiologically incapable pilgrimes should make use of dock or doli.Pilgrimes need not to be boother themselves for dock, doli or guide, these are made to be available by Trusts of his own. If any pilgrimes is in the need of dock, doli or guide in the way, then according to their comfort on his/her answerableness they can make use of these facilities. For the convineance of pilgrimes, wages rate for the dock, doli and guide is given below (as stated in year 2005) :
Wages for Doli :
Weight (KG) Wages (Rs)
1-49 500+50(Meals)- 550/-
50-69 650+50(Meals)- 700/-
70-89 700+50(Meals)- 750/-
90-104 775+50(Meals)- 825/-
105-Above (Chair) 1100+100(Meals)- 200/-
Wages for Dock and Guide :
Age Wages (Rs)
1-4 Years Children 200+25(Meals)- 225/-
Guide going along 175+25(Meals)- 200/-