Digamber Trust & Temples

The literal meaning of the word darshan is knowledge acquired through vision or that which is actually seen. The main objective of all the darshans is describing the soul principal. While describing the soul principle they discuss various issues such as what is the embodied soul, how it is originated, the true nature of the manifest world, how it was created, the reason for its creation, whether it is a gross or endowad with divine consciousness, etc. Answering such questions with conviction is considered an analogous objective of the darshans. The world, the embodied soul, God and the final liberation (Moksha) are the four main concepts discussed in all Darshans. What is God? What is the form of God? What is Human? What is the aim of their life? How should a human survive a proper? life? The effort to get wisdom of such and such questions in Darshan.

Shri Digamber Jain Hospital and Research Centre:- The hospital is situated near Kacchi Bhawan. It was constructed in the year 2000. This is governed by the Jain Yuva Sangathan, Kolkata. Here, treatment is done free of cost by expert Doctors.

Bharatvarsiya Digambar Jain Tirtha Chetra:- The office of this Committee is situated near Bish Panthi Kothi beside Chobishi Temple. This committee has taken the responsibility to provide services and security to Shammed Sikher Shraswat Tirtha from last hundred years.This committee performs following role to pilgrimes :-
1.  Construction and care of mountain vandana Marg.
2.  Arrangement of water on mountain.
3.  Facilitate first aid on mountain.
4.  Arrangement of food and shelter to the pilgrimes at Dak Bangla on mountain (To make use of this facility it requires an approval letter by the comittee.
5.  Arrangement of shelter for pilgrimes beneath of mountain Yatri Niwas at Madhuban and many more.

Government Banglow (Yatri Niwas):- In madhuban there is also a Government Banglow. This banglow in the maintenance of Tirthachetra Committee have 12 rooms (with full-facilities) and 2 Halls.

Uttar Pradesh Prakash Bhawan:- Uttar Pradesh Prakesh Bhawan is situated beside Shraswat Bhawan. It get constructed in the year 2002. Visitors are having here modern facilities of fooding, lodgeing, etc.

Shraswat Trust Bhawan:- Shraswat Trust Bhawan is situated beside Yatri Niwas. This trust have guest house, restaurants and facility to visit whole site using binocular, etc. Here fooding and lodging facility is the first choice of visitors.

Telephone Exchange:- One of the most important service, Telephone Exchange, is located at Bish Panthi Kothi.

Police Station:- Beside Terah Panthi main entrance O. P. is situated. For security of the local residency and pilgrimes O. P. provide the all effordable job.

Bank of India:- For local resident and pilgrimes Bank of India is always available at Shwetambar Kothi.

Sapna Hotel:- Infront of Shwetambar Kothi main entrance, Sapna Hotal recognised by the Tourism Department is situated.For pilgrimes residing 15 rooms with decent facilities and meals is available here.

Post Office:- To provide service to all, Post Office is situated at Sikherjee Terah Panthi Kothi