Bhagvan Chandraprabha

the eighth tirthankar of jainism chandra prabhu was the son of king mahasen and queen sulakshana. when the queen was bearing the child, she desired to swallow the nectar of the moon. her wish was fulfilled and a son with a moon-like complexion was born to her. this is how he was named chandra prabhu. after ruling his kingdom for a long time, he got initiation (diksha). chandra prabhu attained kaivalya after meditating for many months. for many years he served humanity. then he went to ‘sammed’ mountain in bihar, accompanied by one thousand monks. after meditating for one month, all of them got nirvana. today, the temple of chandra prabhu at tijara in rajasthan is a famous center of pilgrimage for jains. symbol of chandra prabhu is half moon. he brings smoothness and happiness to every living being. large numbers of believers visit the tirth of tijara every week.

01Name chandra prabha
02Father’s Name mahasen
03Mother’s Name sulakshana
04Birth Place chandrapuri
05Birth Thithi pause ku 12
06Diksha Thithi pause ku 13
07Kevalgyan Thithi falgun ku 7
08Naksharta anuradha
09Shadak Jeevan 1,00,000 purva less 24 puvang
10Age Lived 10,00,000 purva
11Lakshan Sign chandrama
12Neervan Place sammed sheekhar
13Neervan Thithi bhadrapad ku 7
14Colour sukla