Bhagvan Abhinandananath

abhinandannath was born in the ikshvaku clan at ayodhya. his father sanvar was the king of ayodhya and his mother was queen shidhrtha devi. he born on magh shukla 12. it is said that the noble and purified soul of mahabal the king of ratnasanchay /mangalavati town has descended into the womb of queen siddharth, wife of king samvar of ayodhya. as a result of the simplicity of attitude inherited from the earlier birth, the soul in the womb of the queen had a soothing and pacifying influence on the outer world.
the people of the kingdom were suddenly filled with the feelings of humility and fraternity. the augurs and other scholars confirmed that as the aura of a pious soul influences all the people around, the effusion of politeness was caused by the soul in the womb.
the queen gave birth to the future tirthankar and the king named his son as abhinandan (greeting). as time passed abhinandan lead normal mundane life with least indulgence.
he ascended the throne when his father became an ascetic. after a long and peaceful reign, he became an ascetic and indulged in rigorous penance and lofty spiritual practices. he attained omniscience on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the month of paush. for a long period bhagavan abhinandan moved around to show the right path to millions of beings. he attained nirvana at sammedshikharji on basiak sukla 6.

01Name abhinandananath
02Father’s Name samvar or sanvara raja
03Mother’s Name shidartha devi
04Birth Place ayodhya
05Birth Thithi mmagh sukla 12
06Diksha Thithi mmagh sukla 12
07Kevalgyan Thithi ppaush su 14
08Naksharta abhijeet
09Shadak Jeevan 1000 purva less 8 puvang
10Age Lived 50,00,000 purva
11Lakshan Sign monkey
12Neervan Place sammed sheekhar
13Neervan Thithi baishak sukla 6
14Colour golden