Bhagvan Sambhavanath

sambhavanath the third jain tirthankara of the present age born at sravasthi in the ikshvaku clan on the fourteenth day of the margshrsha shukla month. his father was king jitari raja of sarvasthi and mother was queen saina rani. before the birth of sambhavanath there was a devastating draught and the population was deprived even of a few drops of water in shravasti.
when sambhavanath came into the womb of queen sena devi, there were sufficient rains and abundant crop. one day when the king and queen were happily watching the lush green vegetation all around, the king said, “my dear! it seems that all this has been made possible (sambhav) due to the auspicious influence of the pious soul in your womb, so we shall call our son- sambhav.”
after a fourteen year period of spiritual practices, he attained omniscience. arhat sambhavnath gave his first discourse on the ephemeral nature of the mundane existence. for a long period he worked for the spread of religion. he got nirvana on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of chaitra.

01Name sambhav prabhu
02Father’s Name jitari
03Mother’s Name susena
04Birth Place sharavasti
05Birth Thithi margshirsh su 14
06Diksha Thithi margshirsh su 15
07Kevalgyan Thithi kartik ku 5
08Naksharta margshirsh
09Shadak Jeevan 1,00,000 purva less 4 puvang
10Age Lived 60,00,000 purva
11Lakshan Sign horse
12Neervan Place sammed sheekhar
13Neervan Thithi chaitra su 5
14Colour golden