Bhagvan Ajitnath

ajitnatha was born at ayodhya in the ikshvaku clan. his father was king jitashatru raja and mother was queen vijaya. before his birth queen vijaya devi saw fourteen auspicious dreams. the augers were consulted and they informed that vijaya devi will give birth to a tirthankar. the queen gave birth to a son on the eighth day of the bright half of the month of magh and the king named the new born as the ajit.
when king jitshatru became old he called ajit and asked him to take over the throne, but ajit was a naturally detached person since childhood, so he politely declined the throne offered by the king. ajit became an ascetic in his youth and went into remote and dense forests for his meditation and penance. his personality and the intensity of his lofty practices cast a pacifying influence all around. natural enemies in the animal kingdom, like lion and cow, wolf and deer, snake and mongoose used to come and sit around him peacefully.
after a twelve year period of deep meditation and other spiritual practices attained omniscience on the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of paush. when his last moments were approaching, bhagavan ajitnath went sammedshikhar. with one thousand other ascetics, he commenced his final meditation. he attained nirvana on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of chaitra (chaitra sukla 5). the gods created the divine pavilion and bhagawan ajitnath gave his eloquent and magnetic discourses. thousands of people accepted the path of renunciation.

01Name ajit nath
02Father’s Name jitshatru
03Mother’s Name vijaya
04Birth Place ayodhya
05Birth Thithi magh shukla 10
06Diksha Thithi magh ku 9
07Kevalgyan Thithi paush su 11
08Naksharta rohini
09Shadak Jeevan 1,00,000 purva less 1 puvang
10Age Lived 72,00,000 purva
11Lakshan Sign elephant
12Neervan Place sammed sheekhar
13Neervan Thithi chaitra sukla 5
14Colour golden