Bhagvan Neminath

neminatha the 22nd tirthankara of the jains, was the son of samudra vijaya and grandson of andhakavrishni. he is said to be a cousin of krishna, the lord of the bhagvadgita. krishna negotiated his marriage with rajamati, the daughter of ugrasena but neminatha taking compassion on the animals which were to be slaughtered in connection with the marriage feast, left the marriage procession suddenly and renounced the world.
there is a mention in the chhandogya upanishada, that the sage ghora angirasa imparted a certain instructions of the spiritual sacrifice to krishna, the son of devaki. the liberal payment of this scarify was austerity, liberality, simplicity, non-violence and truthfulness. these teachings of ghora angirasa seem to be the tenets of jainism. hence, ghora angirasa seems to be the jain saint. the writers of the jain scriptures say that tirthankara neminatha was the master of krishna, the ghora angirasa. it may be possible to suggest that neminatha was his early name and when he had obtained salvation after hard austerities, he might have been given the name of ghora angirasa.
in the yajurveda, neminatha seems to be clearly mentioned as one of the important rishis. he is described as one who is capable of crossing over the ocean of life and death, as the remover of violence, one who is instrumental is sparing life from injury and so on. the yajurveda probably beolongs to the twelfth century b. c. this indicates that neminatha seems to be known at this time and flourished even before.
the king nebuchadnazzar (940 b. c.) who was also the lord of revanagara (in kathiawara) and who belonged to sumer tribe, has come to the lace (dwarka) of the yaduraja. he has built a temple and paid homage and made the grant perpetual in favour of lord neminatha, the paramount deity of mt. raivata.
this inscription is of great historical importance. the king named nebuchadnazzar was living in the 10th century b. c. it indicates that even in the tenth century b.c. there was the worship of the temple of neminatha the 22nd. tirthankara of the jains. it goes to prove the historicity of neminatha.

01Name nemi prabha
02Father’s Name samudra vijay
03Mother’s Name shiva devi
04Birth Place sauryapur
05Birth Thithi sharvan ku 5
06Diksha Thithi sharvan ku 6
07Kevalgyan Thithi ashwan ku 15
08Naksharta chitra
09Shadak Jeevan 700 years
10Age Lived 1000 years
11Lakshan Sign shankh (counch)
12Neervan Place ujjaintgiri
13Neervan Thithi aashadh su 8
14Colour blue