Bhagvan Santinath

tirthankara shantinath was born to the king vishavsen and queen achiradevi of hastinapur. it is said that as soon as he entered the womb of his mother, diseases were cured, peace and happiness prevailed throughout the area. because of this, he came to be called santinath (peacemaker). when he was very young, he became an expert in the use of many weapons. these skills enabled him to become a chakarvarti (king of kings).
he enjoyed his kingdom and its riches for thousands of years. one day, however, he saw his own aging reflection in a mirror and realized that his body was not as young and beautiful as it used to be. thus he came to know that all the riches and even man itself are not eternal. at that moment he was inspired to become an ascetic.
he became enlightened on the eleventh moonlit night of paush (feb-march). for many years, he went from city to city, spreading the message of peace, ahimsa (non-violence) and harmony.he achieved nirvana on the mountain of sammed shikhar (bihar). his symbol is a deer (mriga). he is considered a god to bestow peace and happiness.

01Name santhi prabhu
02Father’s Name vishvasen
03Mother’s Name aira (achira)
04Birth Place hastinapur
05Birth Thithi jayest ku 13
06Diksha Thithi jayest ku 14
07Kevalgyan Thithi paush su 9
08Naksharta bharni
09Shadak Jeevan 25,000 years
10Age Lived 1,00,00,000 years
11Lakshan Sign deer
12Neervan Place sammed sheekhar
13Neervan Thithi jayesrh ku 13
14Colour golden