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Jain Darshan: An Introduction
The literal meaning of the word darshan is knowledge acquired through vision or that which is actually seen. The main objective of all the darshans is describing the soul principal. While describing the soul principle they discuss various issues such as what is the embodied soul,
how it is originated, the true nature of the manifest world, how it was created, the reason for its creation, whether it is a gross or endowad with divine consciousness, etc. Answering such questions with conviction is considered an analogous objective of the darshans. The world, the embodied soul, God and the final liberation (Moksha) are the four main concepts discussed in all Darshans. What is God? What is the form of God? What is Human? What is the aim of their life? How should a human survive a proper? life? The effort to get wisdom of such and such questions in Darshan.
Bhagwan Parasnath
For pilgrimes here is a epic Jinalaya to worship. In depth of the double stair main temple statue of supreme Arihant is situated. All around this temple 20 more statues and statues of God and Goddess gives a marvellous look and lusture to the site. On the upper stair the statue of bhagwan Parswanath with few God and Goddess are situated. On the east of this temple Madhuchampa Snatra Mandap in which four chapel for pilgrimes to worship is facilitated. On these chapel Statue of Bhomiya Jee, Shree Ghantakaran, Mahavir Mahalaxmi devi and Guru Bhagwant is situated.


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